Runners- Stay Fit and Injury Free with Sidas

Runners- Stay Fit and Injury Free with Sidas

Now that the winter is coming to an end, it's time to start running!

Sidas is here to help hone in the best sock, insole, and dryer kit in order to help prolong the life of your shoes, improve performance, protect from injury, and enhance your running experience all season long.

It is important to remember that the sock and insole connection serves as the primary interface for power transfer, impact, and stability while running. Sidas is here to provide the perfect sock and insole combination to eliminate common problems such as unwanted slipping, blisters, toe bang…..You name it! Additionally, we have a variety of electric and natural dryers to keep your shoes and insoles fresh and smelling great.

So, you want to improve your kit. Great! Where do you start?

First off, socks. 

It is important to begin thinking about your socks insoles as a cooperative inside your shoe. To better unite the sock and insole, Sidas running socks incorporate Grip Yarn. Grip Yarn is a band of silicon coated thread that wraps around the circumference of the foot in different areas to better bond the sock to the insole. The sock/insole combination creates a greater level of stability inside the shoe than each product by itself. We have a few different sock models to choose from that incorporate Grip Yarn in various areas to accommodate a variety of needs.

Run Feel

The Run Feel sock includes 3 non-slip grip zones that connect your foot to the insole and significantly reduce unwanted friction and slipping. The Run Feel model also includes a reflective strip for safety and visibility while running in the evening, so you can run all day and night without sliding around in your running shoes!

Run Anatomic + Run Anatomic Comfort

If you want a technical, lightweight and breathable sock, the Run Anatomic line is for you! With an anatomical fit, the Run Anatomic line offers a variety of protective shock absorption zones, ventilated mesh under the arch, and one non-slip Grip Yarn strip in the forefoot. The Run Anatomic line offers socks so thin and comfortable; you'll forget you're wearing any at all!


T-Free is a wonderful option for runners with a wide toe-box. The big toe is separate from the rest, improving stability, propulsion, and control in technical terrain. The big toe separation and single non-slip strip of Grip Yarn around the arch helps prevent blisters between the big and little toes while simultaneously connecting your foot to the insole.


Those socks sound great! Now, how do I pair a sock with an insole?

When it comes to insoles, the first question to ask yourself is whether you're looking for enhanced propulsion, support, or grip. All insoles work in conjunction with our socks; however, they prioritize different fit solutions.

3Feet Run Sense

3Feet Trail Run Sense prioritizes proprioception in technical terrain. Part of the 3Feet line, you can choose between a Low, Mid, and High arch to provide proper arch support in addition to enhanced propulsion and sensation while running over rocks and roots on the trail.

3Feet Run Protect

The 3Feet Run Protect is for runners looking to minimize impact when running many miles. The insoles contain a gel heel cushion and forefoot pad to increase comfort and stability. Also, part of the 3Feet line, you can choose between a Low, Mid, and High arch option.

Trail +

Co-developed by the Salomon Trail Running Team and Sidas, the Trail + is an extremely lightweight insole that prioritizes grip over all else. The arch of the insole can be customized with heat to better fit each runner's support needs, and the top sheet works in conjunction with Grip Yarn, helping runners avoid all unwanted movement within the shoe.


How do I properly store my shoes and insoles?

After the long run is over, treat your shoes and insoles with the care they deserve by properly drying and storing them. Sidas offers three dryer products for you to choose from.

Cedar Bags

Created from 100% natural cedar wood, these are the best for runners looking for an on-the-go solution to keep their shoes fresh and smelling great


Plug it in, and quicky and quietly dry your shoes


Plug it in, and quickly and quietly dry your shoes while preventing bacteria with UV light


Instead of breaking the bank by purchasing more and more running shoes, we recommend you stay loyal to that favorite pair of runners and shift your focus to finding sock and insole combination that better suits your foot's needs. Then, treat those shoes right with proper drying and storage so your dream kit lasts all season long.


Here's the deal:

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If you're unsure about what sock and insole combination is right for you, feel free to reach out to our team! We are more than happy to help and suggest fit solutions for you… after all, we are Sidas, Your Foot Company!