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Enjoy winter activities to the fullest with the Therm-ic Heat Flat Insoles. Each set includes a pair of heated insoles and 1 pair of C-pack batteries.

- Fitted with ultra-fine heating elements, the insoles diffuse constant heat for immediate well-being and an optimal foot temperature.
- Pack comes with a USB charging cable.
- Fitted with Bluetooth© technology, you can now control remotely the heat settings via your smartphone, using the Thermic Heat Control App.
- (For 17hrs of heat, check the C-Pack 1700 or 1700B)

Insole very thin heated insole that is easy to cut in order to adapt it to your shoe size and boots. High-quality heating element to keep the foot at an ideal temperature. Slips easily into snow and ski boots. Suitable for use with Therm-ic C-Pack battery range only.

The best value for money, this C-Pack 1300 B battery pack comes with three heat settings to help keep your feet warm all day long. Warm feet for up to 13 hours.

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