Runners, Let's Talk About Blisters...

Runners, Let's Talk About Blisters...

Sidas is here to help you permanently protect your feet from blisters when running! Every runner has fallen victim to unwanted and unexpected blisters, but very few know how to properly treat them on the trail and avoid them all together. Sidas is here to help walk you through the process, so you're able to run far and #enjoyfully!

In this article, you will findĀ simple yet effective protocols to help you betterĀ prevent blistersĀ before a run,Ā manage and treat them quickly on the trail, and recover after the race.

To avoid blisters, it is first necessary to determine where they are coming from and why. There are two mainĀ reasons that runners develop blisters:

Moisture: This can be caused by several factors: perspiration during exercise; rainy weather conditions; or wet and slushy terrain, especially on-trail.

Chafing: This can be caused by folds in the sock, poor stitching in the shoe or a very repetitive movement, for a long time and with intensity.

If you are prone to any of the above, you might also consider purchasing packable & lightweight foot protection supplies such as Silitene toe caps to keep with you on your run. That said, at Sidas, we believe blister care is all about prevention, and luckily, we have the products to support all of your blister needs.

So, how do I prevent Blisters all together?

  1. Take care of your feet all year long with proper hygiene
  2. Perfect your kit! If you're prone to blisters, consider a sock and insole combination that combats slipping and friction. Double socks and socks with Grip-Yarn are two different fit-options to prevent friction and unwanted movement within the shoe
  3. Treat yourself to a pedicure a few weeks prior to race-day

How do I prevent blisters on race day?

  1. Only race in tried and true kit (insole + sock + shoe combination that has worked for you in the past)
  2. Ensure your sock fits tightly without any creases
  3. Consider applying anti-chafing cream if you have "hot spots"
  4. Meticulously lace your shoes

How do I prevent blisters mid-race?

  1. Remember, it is okay to stop. It is better to stop for a couple of minutes than push onward and risk injury.
  2. When you feel rubbing, treat immediately. Blisters are easier to prevent than they are to treat! Consider Silitene protection to prevent chafing, such as a Toe Cap or Toe Wrap
  3. If the blister has matured, no not pop it, as you might risk infection. Apply proper bandages or padded protection to manage the pain
  4. Change out your socks. This is an easy way to freshen up your feet and prevent friction

What if I don't want to stop running and treat my blister? Can I do it after my race?

Short answer: NO! Blisters are not just uncomfortable!...they also pose danger to long-term effects when not treated promptly. By not treating a blister, you risk infection. Raw skin is torn open allowing bacteria and germs from your trail shoes to get inside. You also risk injury, as you subconsciously adjust your stride to limit friction, which puts abnormal strain on your joints, ankles, and knees

How do I treat blisters after the race?

  1. Treat yourself to an ice bath! Not only will this help your joints recover, it will help reduce inflammation and blisters at all stages
  2. Disinfect your blisters
  3. Let your feet breathe- consider a recovery sandal
  4. Learn from your mistakes. Refer to our prevention methos before your next race to avoid future blister problems!
As Your Foot Company, Sidas creates products to help runners like you manage blisters at all stages of the race. From grip-centered socks and insoles to Silitene protection and Blister Pads, we have what you need at all stages of blister development to help you finish your race strong. Reach out if you have questions about what product is right for you, and as always, #enjoyfully!