Which Running Insole is Right for You?

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Which Running Insole is Right for You?

Insoles serve as the primary interface for power transfer, impact, and stability while running. Our team at Sidas creates insoles for every occasion in order to eliminate common discomfort, minimize injury risk, and better prepare you for great days on the trail.

So, where do you start?

The more technical the terrain, the less structure we want in an insole, as running insoles are meant to enhance feedback underfoot and aid natural movements.

When it comes to picking the best insole for you, we suggest you begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  • "What surface(s) am I running on?"
  • "How far do I generally run?"
  • "Where do I feel discomfort?"
  • "Do I want support, propulsion, or grip within the shoe?"

It is important to note that our 3Feet insoles come in 3 arch heights (low, mid, and high) in order to properly accommodate one's arch in addition to other technical enhancements such as propulsion, grip, and protection.

3Feet Run Protect- For road and trail runners who want protection from impact in the forefoot and heel

Features: The 3Feet Run Protect is for runners looking to minimize impact when running many miles on paved roads. The insoles contain a gel heel cushion and forefoot pad to increase comfort and stability.

3Feet Run Sense- For trail runners who want heightened under-foot sensation on technical trails

Features: The 3Feet Sense is for runners looking to better sense, absorb, and propel off of technical trail features such as roots and rocks.

3Feet Trail- For trail and ultra runners who want improved proprioception in technical terrain.

The newest and lightest-weight insole in the 3Feet series, the 3Feet trail prioritizes propulsion for long days on technical trails. Additionally, 3Feet Trail has a grippy top sheet which limits unwanted slipping and toe bang in steep terrain.

Trail + - Lightweight and grippy to enhance ground feel and help you run far on the trail

Our non-3Feet series insole, co-developed by the Salomon Trail Running Team and Sidas! The Trail + is an extremely lightweight insole that prioritizes grip and proprioception over all else. This insole is semi-moldable, as the arch of the insole can be customized with heat to better fit each runner's support needs. This insole's purpose is to enhance ground feel and magnify proprioception when running on technical trails with variable terrain. Trail + contains a  grippy top sheet and bottom sheet in order to secure the shoe, insole, and foot and limit unwanted movement within the shoe.

If you're unsure about what insole is right for you, feel free to reach out to our team! We are more than happy to help and suggest fit solutions for you… after all, we are Sidas, Your Foot Company!