C-PACK 1700 B (1pc)

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Our highest battery capacity to date, the C-Pack 1700 B battery pack comes with three manual heat settings to help keep your feet extra warm for up to 17 hours. 

Fitted with Bluetooth© technology, the C-Pack 1700B allows you to remotely control your heat settings via your smartphone using the Thermic Heat Control App. The app provides increased adjustability, personalization, and battery life through accessing 10 different heat levels, motion control, and eco mode. 

C-Pack batteries are suitable for use with Therm-ic Insoles Heat Flat, Heat 3D and Heat Kit range only.

- Fitted with Bluetooth© technology, you can now remotely control the heat settings via your smartphone, using the Thermic Heat Control App.

- The C-pack 1700 B batteries provide up to 17 hrs of heat.

- Suitable to use with Therm-ic C-Pack battery range only.

-1 pc battery replacement