GEL HEEL HUG - 10 Pack

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Everyone needs a hug, why not your heel!? Discover the Heel Hug, offering your heel more cushioning and comfort. The Heel Hug renews your heel's natural cushioning, improving shock absorption and recovery. This product offers improved comfort but it's not a medical orthosis.

You can use it as you see fit: before, during or after exercise, for a minimum of one hour. 100% made out of silicone, it is durable, washable and reusable.

The Heel Hug pack comes with 3 different compressions:
- Blue: Low
- Yellow: Medium
- Orange: Strong

How to install it:
1. The small diamond pattern must be on the inside of the Heel Hug, and will be in contact with your skin.
2. Identify the back of the band where you can see the small directional lines. They should be placed at the back of your ankle.
3. Place two fingers at each end and stretch the Heel Hug.
4. Slip the Heel Hug up and around your ankle. To benefit from its compression without feeling "restricted", it's important to adjust the Heel Hug's position accordingly (it shouldn't be too high).
5. Once the first Heel Hug is in place, take a few steps and you should immediately feel its cushioning effects.