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These socks, dedicated to ski touring as well as performance, are designed to reduce the risk of blisters and wick away moisture when climbing. A strip of gripping thread above the ankle will improve the contact of the socks with the skin, like a second skin protection. The forefoot strips are ventilated mesh areas to wick away moisture when climbing. Made from recycled fibres, such as organic merino wool or recycled polyamide, these socks take care of the environment as well as your feet. A firm tension and a low thickness allow it to adapt to your feet without compromising the fit of your ski boot.

3 factors ensure the precision of the socks in skiing: sock knitting, thickness and tension. These socks are knitted with 200 needles and are fully engineered with an inside-out construction (no yarn cut into the socks), one of the highest definitions available for socks, the tension is strong but inclusive to keep the sock around the feet and legs and the thickness is low to improve contact with the ski boot.

Prevention of blisters:
Blisters are caused by friction between the boots and the skin. The skin-friendly yarn and the high tension of the socks make them a second skin to your foot that protects you from blisters. Moisture wicking also reduces the risk of blisters.

Warmth :
Thanks to the merino wool, the socks provides warmth and moisture wicking.

The band in the forefoot areas is knitted with a wider mesh that allows for breathability of the foot and better moisture wicking. The feet stay dry and therefore warm.