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Very fine and compressive sock, designed for skiers looking for greater performance and sensations.

Developed from 300,000 feet and 15,000 shoes, the Sidas socks offer a perfect fit between your feet and your shoes.

Knitted with more than 200 needles, this ultra-fine sock ensures the direct transmission of information between the foot and the shoe. This second skin effect will make you feel as if you are skiing barefoot. The high compression offers greater precision and sensations, and aids recovery. Natural wool combined with technical fibres ensures temperature regulation and effective sweat wicking.

• SECOND SKIN EFFECT : Ultra-thin sock ideal for skiers looking for enhanced sensations
• KNEE LENGTH : Adapted to ski boots
• HYBRID COMPOSITION : Regulates temperature & wicks away perspiration effectively
• COMPRESSION FIT 20-30 mmHg : Performances & recovery.
• 2 THICKNESSES ULV/LV : Available in ultra Low or low volume to adapt to your foot & shoe fit
• SYNERGY FIT CONCEPT : Designed for an optimal fit in synergy with your shoe, insole & feet :
- No padding under the sock and inside the shoe,
- No-yarn towards the skin,
- Anatomic shape right & left