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The Outdoor UltraCool Crew socks developed by Therm-ic provide optimal comfort during outdoor activities in the course of seasons. Nothing more comfortable than having feet in dry and fresh-smelling, hiking shoes despite of climate conditions. Your feet will be prevented  from bad smell in these high-tech socks to ankle-height.


Product benefits


How can you avoid ending up your own trekking with damp feet and within hiking shoes which smell of sweat? 

Pure-Ic, bio-based high-tech yarn    

This problematics Therm-ic wanted to answer. That 's why hiking socks conceived by Therm-ic are innovative in technicity und all season purpose. These Outdoor UltraCool Crew socks benefit  mainly from incredible lightness and from quick-drying properties. Their specific composition out of organic fabric makes them very efficient: lightness and elasticity are guaranted! 

They are especially adapted to any hiking activity by warm temperature as the fabric contributes to temperature regulation.  

Beyond common characteristics from most of the hiking socks - fabric reinforced from heel to toe on the entire foot surface - these extremely breathable socks have been developed by Therm-ic in order to ventilate feet and offer them optimal support in any type of outdoor shoes.  Lots of pads and heat channels in form of rills transport moisture through a guidance system out of shoes. 

Sure that these dark grey colored Outdoor UltraCool socks of Therm-ic will appeal to you. They come to mid-calf height and are ultra absorbing, ,  

Several sizes are available35/38 - 39/41 - 42/44 - 45/47


  1. Anti moisture: Temperature regulation ensured by a system of heat channels and mini pads that guide moisture out of the shoe
  2. Quick drying thanks to Pure-Ic fibre : ultra absorbing socks, incredibly light, elastic 
  3. Anti odour : socks with ecological treatment to freshness against bad smell 
  4. Breathable: Innovative Moisture-Vent technology provides ventilation and support. With each step, moist air is pumped from the arch to the sides so that humidity can escape. 
  5. Protection: around the Achilles tendon, heel and toes
  6. Ergonomic ribbing
  7. Pure-Ic 


  • 73% polyamide 
  • 23% polypropylene 
  • 4%   elastane