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Ultralight, thin and technical Socks for running. The Run anatomic Low socks is built for the comfort of your run. All the essentials benefits expected for running have been integrated at the conception of the socks, breathability under the foot where the warmth is important, support of the ankle to prevent injuries and fatigue while running, "in and out" construction of the socks to avoid extra thickness between foot and insole for bette sensation. Our expertise in feet helped us to design the synergy socks running line. Thanks to our feet database of 400 000 feet scanned, we were able to design a avery precise and  unique socks line to enhance the sinsoles benefits: stability and sensation.

  • Comfortable: the socks has been designed by  our anatomic know how of the feet, the microfilament polyamide yarn and the construction avoiding too much material under the foot are making this socks especially comfortable at the first  moment.
  • Thin and strong : The Socks  has a very thin construction thanks to our synergy fit design, it is one of the lightest of its category. It is made of very high quality yarn  to keep it strong and durable. The socks has a 2 years warranty.
  • Gripping Band : A band of silicon yarn is added to the socks construction in order to improve the grip between the socks and the shoe insoles to enhance the benefits of the insoles.