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The Run Feel sock includes 3 non-slip grip zones that connect your foot to the insole and significantly reduce unwanted friction and slipping, and are designed to work with your insoles to improve performance and keep contact with the ground beneath your feet.


The Run Feel model also includes a reflective strip for safety and visibility while running in the evening, so you can run all day and night without sliding around in your running shoes!


  • The grip bands are specially created to interact with the insoles.
  • ventilation zone under the arch of the foot for breathability
  • ankle support zone to improve stability between your ankles and heels, reducing the risk of injuries and reinforcing the power of the insoles.

Ultra Light & Thin

Ultra light construction maximizes the natural running feel

Improved Grip

The unique design of the trail protect socks is based on over 400,000 scans of feet.


Allowing your feet to breath during an activity prolongs comfort and productivity